What is involved in Urban Change Makers emerging leaders programme?

Urban Change Makers is an emerging leaders programme that seeks to empower a new generation of urban leaders. There is a real focus on growing leaders capacity in the critical qualities of compassion, innovation and resilience as well as building life long connections, self-awareness and resourcing skills in the arenas of community building, community enterprise and community organising.

UCM is initiated by Newbigin School for Urban Leadership and Worth Unlimited in conjunction with local Seedbeds who nominate and send small teams (pods) of emerging leaders to the 10 month programme that includes week-end intensives, coaching, site visits and investors panel.

Urban Change Makers especially focuses on those who are:

  • Urban (ie from urban priority area and be willing to join the progammme in a local ‘pod’ with others from that neighbourhood).
  • Emerging (ie, aged over 18 with high potential to make a difference)
  • Diverse (ie, not from mainstream, establishment backgrounds, paying attention to class, race and gender access and equity challenges)
  • Raw Talents (ie, have catalytic potential that traditional education systems will probably not bring out their best)

The 2019/20 Cohort nominations are now open. To nominate or register your interest please click here.

What are dates of the various elements of the programme?

Nominations open: 7/5/19 to 20/7/19

Invitations complete: 1/8/19

Orientation Day: 28/9/19

First Residential “Compassion”: 25-27/10/19

First Coaching Session: 25/11/19

First Site Visit: 21/12/19

Second Residential: “Innovation”: 24-26/1/20

Second Coaching Session: 24/2/20

Second Site Visit and UCM Dinner: 28/3/20

Third Residential “Resilience” Holy Island: 24-26/4/20

Third Coaching session (prepare for pitch): 26/5/20

Pitch to Investor Panel: 30/5/20

Graduation: 27/6/20

What does Urban Change Makers cost? 

We don’t want finances to be a barrier to any Urban Change Maker accessing the programme. It costs UCM about £1k per participant each year. Through sponsorships, grants and donations we hope that each participant will only be asked to invest £100 for the whole program including 3 week-end residentials, 3 coaching sessions, 2 site visits and an investor panel/graduation.  We especially ask nominators (and/or their organisation or church) to consider donating toward their nominees program if their nominee is successful.



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