Who is behind Urban Change Makers?


Urban Change Makers is primarily designed and led by Tim Evans (CEO, Worth Unlimited), Dr Ash Barker (Director, Newbigin School for Urban Leadership) and Andy Vail (Fellowship of Churches and Christ in Great Britain and Ireland). Together they have many decades of combined experiences in developing urban leaders, initiatives and community impact in the UK and around the world. Extensive research and consultation with urban Christian leaders from around the UK and beyond has helped inform and inspire the Urban Change Makers model, ethos and programming.

Urban Change Makers UK is co-managed by Worth Unlimited and Newbigin School for Urban Leadership. This includes Worth Unlimited’s administration systems and the Newbigin House building as well as Tim and Ash’s time, expertise and energy.

There are also partnership and networks that underpin Urban Change Makers UK. These include: Change Makers South Africa who’s original programme idea this venture is built on and whom we hope to connect with in a solidarity movement; Experienced Change Makers Group who identify invitations to the leadership programme from nominations and help inform the programme design; Nominators who identify potential participants and fill out an online form nominating the emerging urban leader; Partners who help finance Urban Change Makers UK.

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