How does Urban Change Makers work?

There are four key elements to Urban Change Makers.

A.     A Recruitment Process where emerging leaders are nominated and then invited by a Learning Hub to become an Urban Change Maker, joining the leadership development programme. This ensures the quality and suitability of the learning in an urban community context.

> We are currently recruiting 6 emerging urban leaders for a pilot programme based in Winson Green.

B.     An ten month Leadership Development Programme of monthly learning experiences that includes: 3 Live-in Residentials, 3 Focused Stream Days (around either Campaigning, Social Enterprises or Community building) and 3 personal coaching sessions.  When fully operational we hope this process will help incubate 20 key leaders together each year and focus each participant’s unique dreams and hopes based in their community.

> The Winson Green pilot programme will begin with a week-end residential in September, 2017. We hope the full blown programme with emerging leaders from 5-7 learning community hubs will begin in September 2018.

C.     Pitching an Urban Project to potential Investor Dragons and a Graduation. This helps gives clear goals and outcomes to the process and awards participants for their hard work with connections that could help their dreams come true. Investor Dragons can include those offering finances, goods or services for the participant and their project going forward.  Urban Projects can include new local community building, campaigns and social enterprise ideas and will be developed over the course of the 10 month leadership programme.

> We are currently recruiting Investor Dragons.

D.    Access to an ongoing, Urban Change Makers Movement where graduates of the Leadership Development Program connect and join with other Urban Change Maker participants, graduates and resource people from around the world.  This helps create ongoing opportunities, connections and support to see long-term change.

> We are beginning the broader movement with a series of Urban Change Makers podcasts with urban leaders in urban contexts.

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