What difference can Urban Change Makers make in urban leaders and their contexts?

Urban Change Makers wants to see emerging urban leaders and their communities grow in their capacity for more compassionate, resilient and innovative urban leadership.

–       By compassion we mean leaders channelling God’s tenderness, fidelity and solidarity in ways that informs the long term well being of their teams, missions and organisations.

–       By resilience we mean leaders rising-up after disappointments, finding deeper authenticity, responsibility and growth from these experiences.

–       By innovative we mean leaders finding relevant, practical, even surprising responses to new challenges and opportunities.

We especially see three streams of Christian leadership becoming increasingly important if real urban change is to happen. These are:

–       Local Community Builders: With society fracturing and individuals more isolated, how Christians bring people in local places together matters.

–       Campaigners: With injustice and poverty becoming more complex, how Christians bring public challenges with passion together matters.

–       Social Entrepreneurs: With the State increasingly withdrawing and the Markets becoming more volatile, how Christians generate funds, jobs and opportunities together matters.

Urban Change Makers hopes to build capacities for compassion, resilience and innovation in these three streams of leadership and their communities by:

  • Creating more resilient theological, spiritual, relational and practical frameworks for urban engagement.
  • Creating high quality, experientially based learning opportunities that connect specifically with their context.
  • Building a world-wide solidarity movement with peers who face similar opportunities and challenges.
  • Building capacities, connections and communities to grow personally and lead their initiatives into deeper engagements.
  • Inspiring and informing imaginations around the vision and values of God’s promised shalom.
  • Providing a Leadership Coach and Peer-Mentoring Group to gain perspective and to help plan and support.
  • Developing plans for pitching to potential donors a specific campaigning, community building and/or social enterprise initiative.
  • Finding fresh ways for faith to connect with global and local needs.
  • Helping detect and channel the unique energies, passions and dreams God has given the emerging leader.

Do you know emerging leaders who might be better empowered by joining Urban Change Makers? Please contact lianne@newbiginhouse.uk


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